Noll IndexThe Monogram Club of the University of Dayton is composed solely of those men who have won their "D" in the major sports sponsored by the Athletic Board of Control; these sports are football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis and golf.

The purpose of the organisation is to foster good citizenship through good sportsmanship. It stresses that its members, through their conduct, be leaders and exemplars of the high ideals the University endeavours to instil in the hearts of all its students.

For the past few years, due to attenuant circumstances, the Club has been in a somewhat dormant state. In March, 1952, the unit was virtually reorganised. A new slate of officers was elected for the year 1952-'53; these officers are: President: Andrew Zulli '54 Vice-President: Jimmy Raiff '53 Treasurer: Edward Clemens '53 Secretary: Bobby Recker '53 Robert B. O'Donnell, assistant professor of history, was appointed Moderator.

Besides the officers elected for the current school year an additional group of men to act in an executive capacity was chosen by the club. These men are

Pat Maloney '53
Chuck Noll '53
Tom Frericks '53

The Club will hold its first social of the year this evening by sponsoring a "Monogram Minuet" at the Democratic Club. Dancing will be from 9 'til 1. For all who plan to attend a cordial welcome is awaiting.

October 18, date of the game with Camp Le jeune's Marines, has been designated as Dad's Day. Fathers of the football players will be honoured at a reception before the game, and at a ceremony during the game. This club is necessarily a very select one. To obtain membership it is necessary to have represented successfully the University in one major sport; to remain a member
in good standing in the organisation, one must always maintain and carry out the principles - the high principles - of the University of Dayton.

Above article taken from the programme for the University of Dayton vs North Texas State game played on October 4th 1952.

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